“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”
(Matthew 7: 24)

Through Scripture, traditions, our experiences and the world, we often see the mysteries and questions about God as obstacles in our faith. While we can never fully understand God, we can deepen our understanding of God through intentional growth and study, individually and with others. As we increase our understanding of the God we worship and serve, we increase our ability to live the life God designed us to live. Join in one of our Christian Education classes listed below.



Nursery (Infant through 2 yrs.)   Room 104
A loving, caring environment for infants and toddlers while the parents participate in worship services, and adult Sunday School classes.

sunday_school_1Preschool (Ages 3 – 4)   Room 102
This class uses Bible Storybooks which are designed for non-readers to help them explore the Bible stories through movement, crafts, games and sensory activities.

Younger Elementary – (Kindergarten – Grade 3)   Room 107
This class encourages children to exercise their growing skills with an interactive storybook, which is developed for early readers to learn through play acting, crafts and games. Also covered is how to relate the Bible lessons to life on the school playground, and with friends and family.

IMG_0749.JPGOlder Elementary – (Grades 4-6) Room 148
This class captures the attention of tweens and appeals to older children who are anxious to become youth. Tween resources build excitement with meaningful lessons. An emphasis is made on understanding and accepting that God loves us exactly as we are. From that, we build on becoming all that God created us to be. Students learn to use Bible dictionaries and concordances to expand their knowledge and strengthen their advanced Bible skills. They also explore life issues from a Christian perspective.


Grades 7 & 8   Room 146
The Junior High program is an open discussion format focused on the relevance of the Bible in the daily lives of our youth. Contemporary issues and current events are examined and related to the teachings of the BIble. Each class opens with prayer in an effort to familiarize the youth with how to pray and to encourage them to utilize prayer in their daily lives. The open discussion format is often supplemented with relevant activities such as mock trials, skits and role playing.

Grades 9 – 12   Room 139
The Senior High class seeks to explore issues of life that are important to youth from a Biblical/Christian perspective. Class format includes large and small group discussions, drawing, skits and games. Topics include: forgiveness, music, Jesus’ miracles, cheating, making decisions about college and career, euthanasia, sports and voting.


Bible 101   Zoom
Adults of all ages are welcome to join this Bible Study class. Please contact the church office for information.