Church-wide Virtual Retreat

Event details

  • Saturday | August 29, 2020
  • 10:00 AM
  • 703-759-3509

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You are invited to attend a weekend-long church-wide retreat, led by our District Office, to listen for where God is calling our church, and to help discern the next level of fruitful innovations with which Andrew Chapel is now ready to engage.

This is our weekend consultation as part of the “Shift Plus” program to help smaller and mid-sized churches gain traction on the technical and emerging challenges of church life and organization. The goal in offering this program is to help churches to feel empowered and successful at bringing needed changes, even in challenging times.

On Friday, August 28th, the District team will interview staff and some leadership, and then on Saturday, August 29th, they’ll lead a church-wide retreat. This will be done virtually, via Zoom, from 10 am to 1 pm. Then on Sunday, August 30th, we’ll have a special service to celebrate where God is leading us! This is a time of hope for our church, and an opportunity to grow in our faith and our mission as Christ’s disciples, and we are eagerly anticipating this time to work together in His service!

Among the various topics we’ll discuss on our retreat are what our dreams are for Andrew Chapel’s future. This will reflect not only on our congregation, but how we connect with our neighbors, and how we move forward in worship and ministry, both in-house and digitally. These are hopeful and exciting times for our church, and we want you to be part of it! We encourage you to register soon!

Here’s the information for attending our retreat:

• Registration is required to attend. To register, please click on this link:

• Zoom link information will be sent once registered.
• Registration will be unique to each registrant, so please do not share zoom links.

Since this time extends through lunch, please feel free to have snacks and a beverage on hand during this zoom event! Consider it a virtual church-wide picnic as well!


Finally, we ask that you continue to pray our Breakthrough prayer, and listen carefully for where God is calling us! It is important work we do when we seek God’s leading!

In His Service,
Pastor Matt & the Shift Plus Team

Lord, help us to listen for your word and then lead us to what you desire us to do in our community. Guide us to serve with love, faith, and courage. Amen.