Being the Church: Celebrations

Church-wide ice cream sundae social to celebrate our youth group’s canned food drive.

Ask any kid what cake and ice cream mean, and they’ll likely say: party! But at Andrew Chapel we like to think of it as a bit more than a party, it’s building community too. Taking time to celebrate the little things mean a lot to the people in our church. Here are just a few ways we are Being the Church that we’ve been celebrating recently:

Our youth group’s challenge to bring in more donations than ever before and meeting a matching gift challenge to combat food insecurity in our area through their participation in the Tackle Hunger food drive.

The accomplishments of the scouts in our community to simply say thank you for being you and for being an important part of making our neighborhood a better place.

Our pastor’s birthday to give praise for his life and his calling.

Teachers, police officers and veterans—in recognition of people who sacrifice a lot so that they can give to others.

An event well done, lives that touch others, conversations well had. All of these are examples of how we can celebrate the little things, the everyday and how we see God at work in the lives of those around us.