Writing a Vision

On a cold Saturday morning in December a handful of church members representing all ages and stages of membership gathered to feel the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Through examination of questions like what brought you here today, how does being a part of ACUMC enhance your life and what do we offer to others, they formed a picture.

They talked about what makes Andrew Chapel unique and how to use those observations to build a vision for guiding the ministries and missions of this faith community.

Through a process of discussion and examination of key themes and guiding words, they wrote together a new vision statement where each word has meaning and purpose. They even came back together nearly a week later to confirm their choices and affirm this new vision.

While this statement was ultimately physically written down by our own human hands, the process was bathed in prayer for guidance and discernment. No one word or statement can ever accurately represent each individual member of a group, but we hope this one comes close.

You are invited to join us for worship on Sunday, February 27 at 10:00 am to share and celebrate our newly adopted vision statement. We are grateful for the work of the Vision Alignment Team who gave their time and their stories on a Saturday morning, brainstorming together, writing together, praying together, Being the Church together.