September Sermon Series

Twenty times in the New Testament, Jesus issued a compelling and challenging invitation to follow him.  He’s not interested in mere friends.  He doesn’t want enthusiastic admirers.  He wants completely committed followers.  Whether Jesus was speaking to large crowds or small groups, he made sure everyone was clear on what it meant to follow him. Join us during the month of September for the More Than a Fan sermon series, where we will take a deeper look at the fact that Jesus is not looking for fans, he’s looking for followers.

Week 1: September 6th      John 6:56-69        “Are You a Fan or a Follower?”
Week 2: September 13th    Luke 7:36-50        “Do You Know Jesus or Just Know About Jesus?”
Week 3: September 20th    Matthew 23:1-12  “Do You Follow Jesus or Follow the Rules?”
Week 4: September 27th    Luke 9:57-62        “Getting in the Game”