Carol Blackwell
When: First and Third Thursdays, 2:00-4:00 p.m.


What is a Memory Café?

A memory café is a monthly gathering of individuals with memory loss along with their caregivers, or friends and family in a safe, supportive, and engaging environment. First and foremost, it is a social gathering – an opportunity to make new friends and interact without fear of embarrassment or being misunderstood. Many also find it an avenue for sharing concerns and providing support as well.  Come and share conversation over a cup of coffee, or participate in fun, simple activities with the group. It’s an opportunity to meet with others for support, companionship, and fun!

Who should attend?

Anyone who is concerned about their memory is welcome to attend. Memory cafés can be great groups for those with Mild Cognitive Impairment or a diagnosis of dementia or memory impairment. Friends and family members of these individuals are encouraged to attend as well. The person with memory loss may attend individually if appropriate, but typically they are encouraged to attend with a caregiver, as the cafés are fun for everyone! No formal assessment or referral is needed.

Why should I go?

For many, the diagnosis of dementia can be alienating. Families don’t know how to react, friends can pull away. It becomes harder to make those standing lunch dates as skills decline and doctor’s visits increase. Memory cafés provide an opportunity for normalcy. People can come together over a simple cup of coffee and enjoy each other’s company — just have fun and laugh. Activities provide an outlet for couples to enjoy each other’s company and meet new friends. Additional benefits come down the road as these new friends can be turned to for support and resources. Memory cafés allow people to remain socially engaged with others traveling the same journey.


Congratulations to Carol Blackwell, Memory Cafe 4U, recognized and awarded “excellence in memory care” by insight memory care center.


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