Thank you for considering a donation to Andrew Chapel. Your tithes and gifts are vital to our everyday ministry and are always welcomed and needed. With your help, WE are the church building together to serve God’s kingdom here on earth.

There are many ways to support the work of Andrew Chapel:

MAIL a check to Andrew Chapel at 1301 Trap Road, Vienna, VA 22012

GIVE ONLINE by clicking the button below or click this link. You can set up a one-time or recurring donation in whatever amount, by whichever method, and in whatever time frame you would like.

NEW!! Download our GIVING APP: GivePlus. This app is incredibly easy to use and available wherever you get your apps.

TEXT to give at 703-440-7045.
Message: Enter your contribution amount.
Prompt: “You’re almost done! Go To [a unique web link]”
Go To: [a unique web link]. The unique web link will take you to “myvanco.vancopayments” where you will enter your name and address and method of contribution (credit or debit card).
Last Prompt: “Thank you for donating [amount] to Andrew Chapel UMC! Text “repeat” to make this recurring or “refund” to cancel this donation.”

GIFTS OF STOCK are great ways to support Andrew Chapel. You will avoid any capital gains taxes but still reap the tax benefit of the full value of the stock. Contact Alison at for a template you can send to your stockbroker.

GIFTS FROM YOUR IRA. Once you reach the age of 70 1/2, you can also donate directly from your IRA (not 401k’s or similar accounts) as part of your required distribution (up to $100,000, $200,000 for a joint return) and you will not be required to pay any income tax on your charitable gift.

GIFT OF LIFE INSURANCE. There are many ways to give a gift of life insurance either by making Andrew Chapel the beneficiary of an existing policy, making Andrew Chapel both the owner and the beneficiary of an existing policy, or purchasing a new policy on behalf of Andrew Chapel.

Finally, please consider including Andrew Chapel in your estate planning. If you need assistance with this, please contact Alison at and she will find you the help you need.