Andrew Chapel United Methodist Church seeks to build community and purpose through faith, love and service to all.

Our Mission

Loving God, Following Christ, Serving Others


Serving Our Community

old_churchAndrew Chapel, founded in 1854, was named for a Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, James Osgood Andrew. The original building (often identified by local residents as “The Little Church on the Great Road”) was built on the corner of Leesburg Pike and Trap Road. Services continued there until the Civil War, when the church building was used as a horse stable by troops stationed in the area.

The interior of the building was completely destroyed; but by the early 1870’s, the congregation had repaired and rebuilt the church and services resumed. The congregation worshipped in the original building until 1964 when they built a much-needed larger facility across Trap Road (the present location).

belltowerpicThe bell from the original building was retained and kept in storage until a new bell tower was erected in 1984. Andrew Chapel once again was able to call worshippers to church services every Sunday morning. At the same time, the sanctuary, which sometimes doubled as a multi-purpose room, received a facelift making it a more comfortable and beautiful place for worship.

In 1990, a new education wing was built to provide more space for classrooms, Pre-School and Mothers’ Day Out programs, and a fellowship hall downstairs. The original building is now owned by a Roman Catholic congregation. When they renovated the building in the mid-1990’s, an Andrew Chapel member “rescued” one of the original stained-glass windows and is today displayed in Andrew Chapel’s sanctuary.

From 65 members in 1875, Andrew Chapel’s congregation has grown, but still retains that sense of connection and belonging that only a smaller church can offer. Andrew Chapel has a rich heritage of service to the community. In addition to its main purpose of presenting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, the congregation places strong emphasis on worship, prayer, missions, Christian education, and fellowship. Our mission statement reflects these beliefs and sums up what Andrew Chapel is all about: Loving God, Following Christ, Serving Others.