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Encounter Online Worship Offering

Wednesdays this August, Andrew Chapel has a new online worship service for you to enjoy at a time and place that works for you.

You are invited to join our community in worship through scripture, an inspirational message and music. This online worship size service is designed as an opportunity for you to experience God’s presence in your own time and place and be filled with faith to carry you throughout the week.

Our first season of Encounter follows a new Worship Series: Never Give Up—
Life today is difficult but God challenges us to never give up. discover God’s never-ending hope for the future, even in challenging times.

Week One: Never Give Up: Letting Go of Our Complaints

Week Two: Never Give Up: Letting Go of Our Bitterness

Week Three Never Give Up: Letting Go of Our Anxieties and Fears

Week Four: Never Give Up: Letting Go of Our Excuses

Subscribe to the Andrew Chapel YouTube Channel and make plans to join us on Wednesdays to Encounter faith with us.