Being the Church with Communications Director, Jennifer Skidmore-Breece

Since last month’s Being the Church was so much fun, we decided to extend this Q & A series down the hall towards the church office. This month our Communications Director, Jennifer Skidmore-Breece, shares what Being the Church looks like in her life. Read on to learn about how she’s living a life of faith, both in and outside of our church building—

How do you define Being the Church?

Andrew Chapel’s Being the Church initiative is one of the things that initially attracted me to this community of faith. To me, it’s looking for small opportunities or “God moments” that allow us as individuals and a congregation to spread love into the world.

Jennifer hiking with her mom at Wolf Trap.
Being the Church :: In our building

One of the things I enjoy most about Andrew Chapel is learning from others. Every day I find I’m learning something about life, working at the church, theology and how God uses individual gifts and talents in a collective manner. On a day-to-day basis it can be a little bit quiet but there’s an undercurrent of activity buzzing around Andrew Chapel and it’s inspiring to be a part of that.

Being the Church :: In the community

I am quite passionate about preserving childhood and allowing kids time to find their own voice and creative spirit before growing up too fast. Before coming to Andrew Chapel, I wrote a kid’s music blog that highlighted music the whole family could enjoy together (think Kindie Kid+Indie not Kidz Bop). I enjoy connecting families with creative resources on a big level, like the blog, and on a small one, like sharing tie-dye with our neighbors. I’m always an advocate for giving kids opportunities for time to spend in nature, make things with their hands and tell their stories to grown-ups who actively listen to them.

Jennifer taking a cooking class in Thailand.
Being the Church :: Do small things with great loveBeing the Church :: Nurturing how fearfully and wonderfully made you are

I love trying new things! I’ve taken cooking classes in six different countries and have tried wheel-thrown pottery, photography, watercolor and (a long time ago) tennis. I’m a runner who likes to read; audiobooks are great for that. I enjoy dabbling in a lot and being an expert at little. One of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday is walking out my front door with a good cup of tea, going someplace new that involves an element of being outside and trying the best local restaurant I could find, then coming home to watch The Amazing Race with my family.

At Andrew Chapel United Methodist Church, we believe that Being the Church doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, organized mission project or even planned in advance: here are three small things Jennifer thinks just about anyone can do with great love to Be the Church in the world—

  1. Send an unexpected text to someone to let them know you’re thinking about them. It could be as close as your spouse or a friend you haven’t connected with in years.
  2. Be kind and have grace for people when you’re out in the world, you never know what’s going on in someone else’s life at that moment.
  3. Take the option to round up at checkout whenever you feel the Spirit’s nudge.