Being the Church with Preschool Director, Nancy Diecidue

Nancy, an avid bird lover, waiting for a Gray Jay to eat out of her hand on a hike in the Adirondacks. The bird wasn’t brave enough to take advantage of her gentle offering but she was able to capture a great photo, see below.

As we recognize the end of another school year and celebrate a successful ACUMC Loves Our Preschool Week, it seems like the perfect time to talk with Preschool Director, Nancy Diecidue, what Being the Church looks like in her life. We asked Nancy to share a little bit about herself, what she loves about being a part of our community and what makes her uniquely a child of God. Read on to learn about how she’s living out her personal vision of Being the Church both in and outside of our church building—

How do you define Being the Church?

To me, being the Church means using my gifts and talents for the glory and service of God.

Being the Church :: In our building

I love working with Matt, Sherry, Jennifer, Deb and the many loyal volunteers at Andrew Chapel because they truly care about doing right by the people in the church and the local community. They are dedicated, accepting, hardworking and fun! I look forward to any time I get to spend with them in work, conversation and ministry. Andrew Chapel does good work in the name of God, and I feel blessed to be a part of that.

Being the Church :: In the community

I really care about respecting God’s gifts of nature and all his creatures. Taking care of others, no matter their size or perceived worth, is part of how I feel called to live. In the past several years, my daughters helped me become more aware of the impact we can have as individuals on the lives of animals and the environment through our daily choices. Because of their encouragement, I strive to purchase only cruelty-free products, reduce excess, and not be wasteful.

Being the Church :: Nurturing how fearfully and wonderfully made you are

I have a deep love and fascination with birds and look at each one as an individual gift from God. Every year, I enjoy sharing my love and knowledge of birds with the children in the preschool. Sometimes it is just through observing and talking about the birds outside the preschool’s fantastic windows. I also have a presentation about owls that I give in the 4-year-old classes. I truly enjoy opening up the world of these fascinating creatures to budding naturalists. I hope that sharing my love for birds will help the children to become aware of God’s gifts of nature and inspire them to become conscientious caretakers as they grow older.

Being the Church :: Do small things with great love

At Andrew Chapel United Methodist Church, we believe that Being the Church doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, organized mission project or even planned in advance, here are three small things Nancy thinks just about anyone can do with great love to Be the Church in the world—

1. Respect and care for God’s gifts of nature.
2. Look for the good in people.
3. Be kind to everyone.