Holy Communion

“Holy Communion is God’s welcome to the feast of grace and love.” —Pastor Matt

What a beautiful concept! Offering this feast openly and freely is part of how Andrew Chapel extends Christ’s love into our community. Discover the story of Communion at Andrew Chapel.

Before the elements, bread and wine (in the Methodist Church: juice), are prepared, care is taken to be reverent during the process. Hands are washed. Prayers are said. Time is taken to reflect and move in an unhurried manner. Those who are responsible for preparing communion feel that it is a humbling privilege to serve the church and its people in this manner. You, the recipients, are thought of as bread is selected and wrapped and juice is poured. The chalice (cup) and paten (plate) used to present the elements at the Lord’s table are unique as well. They represent our pastor’s family heritage in the United Methodist Church.

During the service, Holy Communion provides an opportunity to experience a visible and tangible reminder of Christ’s sacrifice and love for us in the bread and cup. The bread and cup are something we can see, taste, and touch. So, at the table of our Lord, those present are invited to take a moment to experience the joy of being able to “Taste and see the goodness of the Lord” (Psalm 34:8).

Once the feast is over, any leftovers are returned to the earth. The bread is broken again for the birds and the juice is absorbed into the ground. We are fed and renewed in Christ’s love for us and reminded of his ever-constant presence in our lives.

During this season of Lent, we are adding opportunities to celebrate Holy Communion together. Pastor Matt believes, “Holy Communion is indispensable to the spiritual life.” Come, take, eat—commune with us, Be the Church at our table. If you are worshiping with us from home and would like to partake in communion, you may request to have elements mailed to you or prepare your own using our Communion at Home Guide.