Being the Church – Music: An Act of Joyful Christmas Worship

The sounds the voices and instruments of our music ministries collectively add to the worship experience at Andrew Chapel heighten our senses and stir our emotions. This ministry has been hard at work Being the Church this holiday season.

It’s an element that can’t be separated for Bob Leggett, our choir director. He speaks emphatically about how music is an offering in worship. Through this offertory act, he meticulously planned and directed a Lessons and Carols Worship Service for the community this Christmas Season because he believes we all need an infusion of joy. Bob knows that music can speak to the heart of the worshiper, whether they are members or guests, in its own unique way.

Holly Lynne McKinley Schmidt, our handbell choir director, finds fellowship to be an important element of the music that the handbell team creates. During this Advent season this group has come together to produce joyful noises of worship, both during services and in weekly rehearsals. Holly Lynne says she sees God working in our community as the stress of the week melts away when the ringers come together to focus on the music.

Our accompanist, Jeong Hee Lee Russell, shares her gifts through the medium of organ and piano. Not only does she accompany the choir, she also thoughtfully chooses and prepares Prelude and Postlude music for services each week. This month, she produced a group of special Music Meditations for Advent; providing a break to stop and simply listen.

How are music ministries Being the Church this holiday season? They provide a moment of respite in an otherwise hurried world, an opportunity to sit and listen. They embody familiarity, of song and lyrics as well as story; re-telling the good news of Christ’s birth in a memorable way. They are offered in hospitality, everyone is welcome to join; no special music talent required. They are offering with humility, members of our music team don’t consider themselves performers. They are servants, Being the Church.