Using Creative Gifts

“You never know how what you do will affect others. Something you do, that doesn’t take a lot, might really make a difference to someone.”

What started out as a hobby to relieve her hands of chronic pain, developed into a ministry of spreading kindness through crocheted goods. Cathy Gordon, lifelong Andrew Chapel member since age 5 and United Methodist Women (UMW) President, wants people to know they are thought of and loved. One way she’s found to do this is through her crochet ministry. Cathy makes prayer squares, prayer shawls, lap robes, IV covers and mask headbands. Her heart keeps her hands rather busy.

She started crocheting when her family grew to include grandchildren, and she wanted to make blankets for them just like her own mother and grandmother used to do. Once she began crocheting on a regular basis, she was surprised to find that the pain caused by carpal tunnel symptoms had eased because of the hand movements she was using in her craft.

But when she tells her story, it’s not the pain relief that’s kept her ministry going, it’s love. She enjoys sharing her gift not only within the church’s network but in the community when she’s out and about. Cathy often carrys a stash of prayer squares with her to give out on a whim, she feels like giving people something personal and handmade lets them know she sees them and cares for them.

In addition to her personal crochet ministry project, Cathy helps lead the UMW’s efforts in providing prayer shawls and lap blankets for members and friends of the church who need extra comfort in difficult times. Covering others with blankets of love, is just another example of Andrew Chapel Being the Church.

Over the past year, the UMW prayer shawl ministry group has continued meeting and crocheting together via Zoom. The church will be blessing and sending some of those creations to Jubilee Project Ministries in Tennessee on Sunday, September 26 during worship. To get a prayer shawl, blanket or prayer square for yourself or someone you know, send your request to the UMW Prayer Shawl Ministry to the church office, 703-759-3509 /  All prayer shawls are blessed once completed and can be prayed over for a specific need upon request.