Spirit-Led Community Help

From an anonymous church member of ACUMC:
“We participate with the mission work our church is doing with Cunningham Park, and we felt called to carry that work further. There is a school not far from us that hands out 144 backpacks of food to their children every weekend! That made us realize that many families were dealing with serious food insecurities in that community. So, our family reached out to the school to see how we can help. Our decision was spirit-led — that very day, the principal had met with the parent liaison, seeking ways to get more community help! So now, we work with the school twice a month to provide needed food, holiday meals, diapers, personal hygiene and cleaning supplies to the families they help. We’ve committed to this at least through 2021, and there were some concerns as to supporting the cost of this, but every month we come out just fine! Knowing that others are struggling with basic needs helps us prioritize our own personal spending in a more productive way. We are grateful and blessed to have been led by the Holy Spirit to serve God’s people, and to help bring positive change!”

If this example inspires ideas, maybe you can collaborate with others! Perhaps you belong to a bible-study group, or a Sunday school class, or a social group that would like to pool your efforts or resources to carry out your own mission work – you never know where the Holy Spirit will lead you! May you have a blessed day, and be a blessing to others as well.