Being the Church by Living our Faith

Individual mission work can be a powerful thing to help bring healing to a hurting world!  Here’s an example of what one couple in our church is doing:

For this caring couple, it’s all about helping the children.  Every month, they make trips to large warehouse stores to buy food that will ensure that children can eat over the weekends, when they’re not in school.  They then donate that food to the church, help pack it up into bags, and hand it out on the prescribed donation days to a school.  This is an important and personal mission to them, and they are committed to it for the time being!

Obviously, not everyone may have the finances to make this kind of commitment, but luckily, there are many other ways to help!  People are shut away during this pandemic, separated from family and friends, and just plain lonely – and it’s not just those who live alone!  A friendly phone call, just to chat and catch up can be a wonderful remedy, especially if done on a recurring basis.  Letters, once thought of as a lost art, are coming back in fashion, and everyone loves getting a letter or card!  Calling out warm greetings to neighbors and total strangers causes people to smile behind their masks!  These are just a few simple, yet extremely important ways to spread God’s love and care.  So, how will you choose to BE the Church today?