A Focus on our Amazing Youth!


It is a wonderful thing when our youth get passionate about helping others.
Take this story:

Penny Walke is a youth and member of Andrew Chapel UMC. She is working on her Gold Award for Girl Scouts by creating a nonprofit to collect shoes and distributing them to people in need. She already has collected upwards of 300 pairs of shoes and has distributed them to places like Women Giving Back, The Closet in Herndon, and Cunningham Park Elementary School. Penny enjoys helping others very much, and she is glad the church is supportive of her efforts. You can help with Penny’s project, because she is looking for gently-used shoes of all sizes and types. Shoes that are unable to be given away will go to a recycling facility where they reuse the materials. The shoes that can be given away are sanitized, inventoried, and then distributed to places in need around the community. For any questions or inquiries, please contact walkewellshoes@gmail.com. Penny thanks you so much for your generosity, and we thank Penny for her thought-filled and wonderful mission!

 You may drop off donations to the yellow Shoe Drive Donation Box, located outside by the church kitchen door.