Live Our Faith

Being the Church to the world around us takes on may different forms.  It may be an actual church, engaged in mission, with many participants.  But just as a church isn’t a building, Being the Church doesn’t necessarily mean that the missions in which we participate have to originate within the church institution.  Church is made up of people, and how we individually live our faith in our daily activities is a way of Being the Church.  Here’s an anonymous example:

“I see people everywhere in parking lots asking for help, especially during the pandemic.  I just can’t pass them without feeling that Christ is calling me to minister to His sheep!  So, I make sure I carry with me both cash and fast food gift cards to hand out.  I know that giving cash is controversial, but when someone needs rent money, a food card isn’t the answer!  Besides, I give gifts with no strings attached, so if I give cash, it’s without strings.  How people use it is between them and God, and I never underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit to use my gift to guide another.”

Maybe you can help bring about a miracle for someone else!

Photo by A McLin on Flicker. Used under Creative Commons license.