Andrew Chapel Helps with Food Insecurities

While we continue to keep food in the pantry for people who come to the church and need help, we also know that coming to us isn’t always the most feasible solution for people who are in need. During the pandemic, with so many people losing jobs, or a parent having to give up a job to take care of their children, for some people the focus on maintaining a residence is extremely important so that they do not end up homeless. That would put food insecurities at the top of the list of needs, and Andrew Chapel has the ability to help with that!

At one of our most recent food distribution days, we spoke with the school counselor from Cunningham Park, Lisa Lujan, and asked her what it means to the families to have our community helping to provide food. This was her reply: “In March, since the pandemic started, we’ve been providing food and resources (food cards, diapers, masks) for 48 food insecure families in the community, which allows them to push their money in other directions. They need to pay for their rent, gas, possibly getting back and forth to a new job. With this help, they don’t need to worry about the food or basic necessities that this provides them, and they don’t have to worry about spending their money there.”

So let’s keep remembering to care for others – it one way that we are Being The Church in our community, and showing God’s unending love!