Andrew Chapel’s garden is a Real Benefit for Those Who Need Food!

While you may be missing the chance to purchase some fresh veggies from our local garden (with all proceeds going to missions), fear not, because those lovely veggies are NOT going to waste! While Katy and other volunteers have had to contend with a hungry groundhog who dines on peas, there are still plenty of vegetables that have been harvested! “So,” you might ask, “what’s been done with all those lovely beans, strawberries, onions, tomatoes, zucchini and the like?” Well, it’s been donated to Food for Others, and delivered to Cunningham Park along with items from our food pantry! And, it’s been a BIG HIT for people to have lovely, fresh produce! So thank you to Katy and all the other volunteers who help Andrew Chapel continue to BE THE CHURCH in our community.