Andrew Chapel is a Church that Helps

Last week our food pantry went “on the road” to Cunningham Park Elementary School.  Volunteers delivered food items from our pantry to several grateful families who are dealing with food insecurities. If you would like to help restock our pantry, please call the church office to set up an appointment to drop off food. Our food pantry is a wonderful way to help those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.  Thank you for supporting this vital ministry!


Food Pantry On Wheels!!

Our food pantry was full,
from good neighbors of faith.
Knowing people need food,
”Feed my people,” Christ saith.

Bags of cans, corn and beans,
Healthy food, oh so cool,
was lovingly loaded
and hauled off to school.

Unloaded and ready
Food offered and taken,
We did what we should do
Our faith not forsaken!